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Extensive Cloud Computing

Bringing safe and secure cloud computing solutions to secure and maintain your data

High Performance Cloud Computation

Cloud Computation leads your company to go hands-free. CST helps your enterprise exercise the power of cloud computation and scale. We keep cloud as core and build business-specific solutions for your progress and benefits. They are rapid, cost-effective, and innovative pushing your business to a newer level.

CST has profitably assisted organizations in achieving every type of cloud benefit, including reduced cost, on-time delivery, exquisite performance, reliability, and security.

Our Cloud Computing Capabilities

App, Web, Cloud, and everything!

The future is here with Cloud Computation. Availing of our cloud computation potentials upgrades and accelerates your business. Our team of strategists and developers enable you to focus on your business core. We aim to build secure, adaptive, and revenue-driven cloud platforms.

Let us find how we can cooperate and boost each other’s' potentials.

  • Cloud App Development
    Cloud App Development

    CST create cloud applications to employ all-cloud capabilities efficiently.

  • Cloud Configuration
    Cloud Configuration

    CST offers cloud configuration support ensuring the interoperation of cloud-based data.

  • Cloud Integration
    Cloud Integration

    Our team of developers help clients to access data from multiple devices employing integrated cloud services.

  • Cloud Security
    Cloud Security

    CST ’ cloud security system offers authority to orchestrate workload maintenance and threat management.

  • Cloud Migration
    Cloud Migration

    CST helps you to migrate your databases and applications to cloud environments.

  • Cloud Server Solutions
    Cloud Server Solutions

    Our servers offer remote reboot and console access with onsite security and proximity.


The three most popular cloud model services are SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. They help an organization to access and grow its IT capabilities. Various intermediate enterprises use more than one, and substantial industries devise all three of them.

Cloud Service


SaaS Software as a Service

SaaS computation is an “on-demand service.” Aspects of CST’s SaaS service include low maintenance, less hardware requirement, multi-device support, API integration, and no client-side installation. Employing SaaS, you can upgrade and uplift your business rapidly.


IaaS Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS services enable you to dereference various low-level network infrastructure. CST helps you to develop, run, maintain and manage applications in a cloud-based platform. You can even use the hardware using an internet connection.


PaaS Platform as a Service

PaaS hosts, manages, and maintains every hardware and software in a cloud-based platform. CST Designs supports your servers for development, testing, and deployment, including OS, databases, frameworks, etc. We follow a low-risk technique, simplified collaboration, and a scalable approach.

Cloud Platform We Use

Cloud Computing Is Building Future

  • Mobile and

    Cloud computing is easy to adapt to and offers growth to your enterprise. It provides you the needed change and flexibility to uplift your game. You can remotely access your databases. The overall growth increases, giving you the cutting edge desired for your company.

  • Secured and

    Cloud-based data is safe with encryption. Encrypted information needs authorization to open, making it safer. Cloud offers advanced features to secure, manage, and store your data. One can avail of different security measures to ensure their databases from data theft.

  • Cost-Effective and
    Energy Efficient

    Cloud infrastructures are affordable as they do not employ data centers costing huge. Moreover, it needs less maintenance, consumes lesser energy, and there are fewer to no delays. It even saves your frequent system upgrades. Cloud computing is cost-effective and offers you to lead.

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